Sunday, 1 September 2013

Summer time

Time for a well overdue update!

The Japanese Summer is SO hot and humid it's unbelievable! Coming from England where the Summers are mild and it's never really that humid at all, it was quite a shock!

I now understand why Japanese people have to carry parasols, fans and sweat towels with them everywhere during the Summer time! All I can say is thank goodness for air conditioning.

Over the past few months, I've been working hard in the intense heat which has often left me a bit stressed, grumpy and restless, but, I am enjoying it here all the same. On my days off I have been partying or relaxing and just appreciating and loving living in such a great city. (despite melting from intense heat every single day!)

Being a huge fan of Kpop, especially BIGBANG and 2NE1, I have been enjoying taking advantage of the great Kpop club nights that Tokyo has to offer. The clubs here are much better than any club nights I've ever been to in London (sad but true!) It's nice meeting other Kpop fans too.

In December BIGBANG are coming to Japan for a concert toour, so me and a friend snapped up tickets for their concert in Tokyo Dome in December. It's going to be so exciting! My membership for their official fan club came as well! Got my light-stick so I'm ready to cheer!

The Sailor Moon musical is in two weeks! (so excited!) Since the shows 20th anniversary is being celebrated this year, merchandise is starting to appear again and I got my hands on the new S.H Figure arts figure and saw the promotional displays in stores, including one in Akihabara. The food in Japan is amazing, and there are so many good restaurants to visit. Recently I went to another Alice in Wonderland themed cafe with friends. I've visited the cafe in Shinjuku before, this time we went to the one in Shibuya, which has a carousel theme. The decor is so amazing and the food is so cute! My dessert was in the shape of a cute smiling cheshire cat. :3 There are many different Alice cafe's in Tokyo with slightly different themes. We're hoping to visit each one eventually! We also discovered a REALLY good hawaiian burger place in Ikebukuro. Though trying to eat such a huge burger stuffed with avacado is rather tough without a knife and fork! haha!

Hawaiian burger in Ikebukuro

I am looking forward to Autumn when the humidity will drop again and it's a little more comfortable being out and about.

After clubbing all night after work on Saturday my body hurts. lol. So today I am going to go get a relaxing massage before a 6 day work week next week. (Yikes!)

I've got a lot to look forward too for the rest of this year, including my family coming to visit at Christmas! It gets stressful living abroad and surviving on such basic Japanese and having to ask for help a lot, even just to read your bills and post. However, this is the best life experience I've ever had, and I hope I can keep living here for a while... if not forever maybe!

Here are some kittens that were in Harajuku the other week. There was a guy looking after them and loads of people were crowding around to look and take photos. I'm not sure if he was trying to sell them or what but they were super cute and I wish I could have taken one home!