Thursday, 7 March 2013

Arriving in Japan!

I have arrived in Japan! On Tuesday I flew from London to Tokyo and the flight was surprisingly good with the best plane food I have ever eaten! The carrot was cut into a flower shape. They were even playing the Korean film 'Masquerade' on the plane with one of my favourite actors Lee Byung Hun in it. When I arrived in Tokyo it was breakfast time. I got an ice cream and iced coffee. It was a pretty amazing way to start my first morning in Japan! 

Currently I am in Omiya and have begun the training for my new job. It's hard work but also really good fun!

Me and the other trainees haven't had much free time yet, but we have made it to the local supermarket which is full of loads of new and interesting things. (Including some kind of sweet Pokemon bread which has so far been my breakfast on training days!) 

We also went for a walk to the local shrine. It was so beautiful and peaceful. We ate out in a restaurant we found around the corner. We had to order from a machine and none of us knew exactly what we were ordering, so we all took a random guess and luckily all ended up 
with delicious meals!

I got my new apartment information yesterday for when I move into Tokyo for the remainder of my stay here. I am SO excited to think of all the adventures I'm going to have! Already I am amazed by the tiny parts of Japan I have seen and I just know this is going to be the most amazing year.

In the next week or so in the time I am not training, I hope to hunt down the local cat cafe and shopping center and even brave taking the metro to Harajuku. 

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