Monday, 25 March 2013

Settling in and adventures so far in Tokyo

This is going to be a huge post!

I haven’t had the time or the internet to update over the last few weeks, so here is lots of news (and photos) all in one go!

I visited Harajuku on Sunday 10th March. I’ve wanted to go to Harajuku since I was about 14 so this was SO exciting! Words can’t even explain! I ate a strawberry ice cream crepe. It was so delicious! I had to force myself not to go back and try a few other flavours! (I must pace myself, I’ve got at least a year to try them all) The shops were all really awesome FULL with cute and quirky clothes. The streets were really busy and it took a while to walk down the whole street.

My favourite shop though was ‘K-IDOL Park’, A Kpop store bursting with Kpop merchandise! I have a feeling I will be visiting there very often. 

We didn’t get to see all of Harajuku so I’ll be going back there to keep exploring. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s face was everywhere in Harajuku. Posters, adverts, TV’s, purikura booths and make-up stands. 

The weekend after, we went to Shibuya. We found many cool places including the HUGE music store ‘Tower records’ and the Disney store. ‘Tower records’ was incredible. There was the biggest Kpop section I have ever seen. I once again had to restrain myself! Ended up buying just 2 CDs including Daesung’s / D-Lite’s new solo album (which is really good!) Whilst we were exploring the main streets of Shibuya a BIGBANG truck drove past! It was advertising their new concert DVD, Blasting music from speakers. I literally screamed for joy in the street. Haha! At one point they were also playing Kyary’s new song from some huge speakers in the street. 

We had the most amazing Okonomiyaki in Shibuya where it was cooked on a hot plate infront of us. I had a pork and kimchi flavour one. SO Delicious!
During training hours our group worked SO hard. There was a lot to learn and practice. However, We did get a small amount of time to relax. One evening we went to an Izakaya (all you can drink all night for around £8!!) followed by some karaoke. It was such a fun night. By the time we got home it was 5.30 am!

I travelled to the school where I will be working and my new apartment at the beginning of this week. I unpacked and made the apartment feel a bit more like my own with some decoration!

My first day at work was super exciting and everyone is SO kind and helpful. Being called ‘Katie-Sensei’ is going to take some time to get used to! Lol There is a massive shopping center right across the road from the school so everything I need is so close by. (Including lots of delicious choices for lunch!)

In general Tokyo is SO exciting. I’m not sure everything has quite sunk in yet… Every morning I stand on my balcony and look out and just think ‘wow. I really am here!’ So far I've managed to negotiate the train systems fairly well, but it's such a maze! 

Many more adventures to come! :D

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