Monday, 1 July 2013

First birthday in Japan, Cats, Sailor Moon musical and the 'Queen of kawaii'

BIG update ahead! (o^.^o)

Last weekend on the 23rd of June it was my 25th birthday! I celebrated by going to a 'cat cafe' in Shinjuku. This is where you pay to spend time with many cats all in the same place. You can play with them, stroke them and feed them treats! There are lots of books there to read so you can have a coffee, sit and relax reading a book or talking with friends and petting all the cats! :D I really miss having a cat so after 3 months with no cat contact this was super cute and exciting!

After going to the cat cafe we went out to Korea town for some food and onto an Izakaya for celebratory drinks. In all, Japan is still as exciting as when I first arrived. It seems every time I go out somewhere I find something new and interesting.

I was lucky enough to have a friend in Japan help me to purchase tickets to the Sailor Moon musical happening this September. I was SO excited to hear they were launching the musicals again after so many years. It's to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series. I NEVER thought I would get the opportunity to see one! In Japan many concert tickets are sold where you cant choose where you sit, it's like a lottery system. I got FRONT ROW tickets for the Sailor Moon musical. :D Super excited!

Japan's 'Queen of kawaii' Miss Kyary Pamyu Pamyu who I saw in concert back in London, is all over Japan right now. She's got a lot of advertising campaigns and her new album came out a few days ago, so promotions are popular.

After walking around Shibuya and Harajuku on a rather humid afternoon. We decided it was time for some food. So we went to 'Shakey's pizza' in Harajuku where you can pay just over 2,000 yen and eat all the pizza you like. You can mix and match different pizza toppings, so we decided to have a bit of fun and have a pizza that was half chicken teriyaki and half marshmallow and chocolate! I'd never eaten a 'sweet' pizza before. I was a bit worried but actually it was very delicious!

I also visited the 6%DOKIDOKI shop in Harajuku which was just as cute as I thought it would be. The staff were so cool, amazing and kind and helpful!

I've been getting a lot of 'purikura' photos whilst on my adventures in Japan. Mostly with MAH BABE Emilie <3 We used the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu themed booth yesterday and the decoration options were awesome! Here is a selection of various purikura:

Sorry for such a huge update... I should space these out more often.. for more of my Japan adventures as they happen, check out my instagram account: katie_2ne1

Hopefully off to Tokyo Disneyland next weekend! whoo! very excited! :D



  1. Happy b-lated birthday!
    I also had my first birthday here now in june.. it was also was my 25th.. :P I celebrated mine at Sweets Paradise, with the cake tabehôdai XD
    Was the cat cafe expensive?

    1. Happy belated birthday to you too! :D
      Ahhh I love sweets paradise!! SO MUCH CAKE! Hope you had a great day!

      The cat cafe wasn't too expensive, Just under 2,000yen. But we only stayed for an hour. It depends how long you want to stay! :)

  2. Happy Birthdayyy :)
    I love your skirt, is the print macarons?


    1. Thank you!
      Yes it is macarons! :D I couldn't resist it!