Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sailor Moon musical - La reconquista

On the 16th of September I was lucky enough to go and watch the new Sailor Moon musical in Tokyo. We had front row tickets just by pure luck. We could see every piece of glitter and bead of sweat on the actresses. lol! It was amazing!

Ever since I was a teenager I watched the old Sera Myu musicals and always felt a little sad that it was something I would never experience since I was too young and had no funds to go to Japan. Plus they ended in 2003. This experience literally bought me to tears. I felt incredibly lucky.

We had to brave the typhoon to get there (which was NOT fun!) and we spent the entire day being geeky, checking out the new Sailor Moon products in Shinjuku Isetan, kiddy land toy shop and we also went to the special Sailor Moon karaoke event.

On display in Isetan were the new phone cases, make up products and jewelry. They also had some special items. Sailor Moon socks (over priced, but had to buy a pair! lol) and some paper aprons. I am really not sure why... in my opinion it's a fairly useless product and cost too much, but they were cute anyway. haha

In kiddy land, a huge toy store in Harajuku, the Sailor Moon figure is still selling well and there are posters advertising the other Sailor Scouts soon to be released.

At karaoke, we mainly spent money buying the special drinks so that we could collect as many different coasters as we could! The drinks were also pretty good. Mercury and Jupiter were really tasty, but sadly the Mars one tasted like some kind of strange medicine. haha

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