Monday, 4 November 2013

Happy Birthday T.O.P!

Today is November 4th, which means it's TOP from BIGBANGs Birthday. Yesterday I went with my friend to to BB cafe in ShinOkubo (Korea town) in Tokyo. It's a BIGBANG themed cafe and they were having a celebration party for TOP's Birthday. There was food, cake, TOP masks, glow-sticks, alcohol, music, a quiz, prizes and a lot of very excited people who love BIGBANG. It was SO much fun!

This month BIGBANG start their Japan dome tour and next month I will see BIGBANG again in Tokyo Dome. I am so excited and the organisers of this event have lots of other parties and stuff planned around the time of the concert so I am super excited!

In other news, Halloween has come and gone and Japan have already put the Christmas decorations up everywhere! For Halloween at work we had to dress up in costume for an entire week and still teach English lessons to kids and adults! I chose a nice simple costume, Kiki from the Studio Ghibli movie, 'Kiki's delivery service'.

I can't believe it's already November! My Mum, Dad and Brother are visiting me next month! Another very exciting thing to look forward too!


  1. Hi Katie!

    I am curious--how did you get into teaching English? Did you originally want to pursue illustration? I am a big fan of your "Alice painting the roses" artwork.

    1. Hello! Thank you for your comment! :) Yes I wanted to do illustration, but as a side job and hobby. I realised in my second year at University that I wasn't happy just trying to work as an artist. So I did a little volunteer work as a teacher while still in Uni to build up my resume, studied to become a qualified teacher in th UK for a year, then did a TEFL and then had more than enough qualifications to teach English in Japan. :) I've wanted to go to Japan since I was about 13 or 14, so this was a big dream for me.

  2. Hy..can i know the exact name of this restaurant. Im going to japan 2weeks later, and i think i wanna go to this place... :D

    1. Sorry for the late reply. This cafe is simply called 'B.B'
      It is located inbetween Shinjuku and Shinokubo station. This website has some info but in Japanese:

      The food is great and the staff are awesome! I hope you can find it!