Saturday, 22 February 2014

Update November- February

So 2014 is here and soon (4th March) I will have been in Japan for a whole year!

Over the last few months I have done a lot of exciting things:

  • I went to a T.O.P from BIGBANG fanmeeting in Yokohama at the end of November and got a seat only 24 rows from the front. 
  • Went to 'Namjatown' and ate the weirdest ice cream flavours ever (for example: eel, garlic and beef tongue' lol)
  • In December I went to the BIGBANG concert at Tokyo Dome in December which was AMAZING.
  • We went to a BIGBANG club night run by the B.B cafe and drank and danced way too much. haha
  • My family came to visit for Christmas and New Year and it was wonderful to see them and show them Tokyo! We saw a alot of tourist sites and traditional Japanese shrines and temples I hadn't had the chance to visit yet.
  • Going to BIGBANG karaoke rooms to sing and molest the walls
  • Hunting down Sailor Moon merchandise (some of which is still hard to get hold of even in Japan!)
  • Tokyo Disney Sea in February and eating more popcorn (in an array of strange flavours) than should be humanly possible
  • I started taking Japanese lessons again and I hope I can improve my skills so I can get more stuff done myself! (A friend also started teaching me a bit of Korean!)
  • I also received a certificate from my company as a 'Teacher of distinction' My manager and staff nominated me. I was very thankful.
And of course I've been generally hanging out with awesome people and talking, eating, drinking and shopping in the city that really has started to feel more like a home. Sadly a few of my friends here had to leave or will be leaving in a matter of weeks. I am emotional about that... :( 

Already planned for the next few months, I want to visit the YGFamily Exhibition in Japan next month. In May I will go to the YGFamily concert and see BIGBANG, 2NE1, Psy, Winner etc etc. I am so excited! I saw a poster for the concert 2 weeks ago in Shibuya.

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  1. I just came back from an amazing two week trip traveling around Japan, feeling very sad (understatement!) to be home in the UK but your blog is fab and really cheering me up! I hope at some point to be able to spend a longer chunk of time there too :)