Sunday, 14 April 2013

Korea town and the Ramen museum

Korea Town

Last Sunday I went to Korea Town in Tokyo. 

I think it's my new favourite place in Tokyo! 

It was full of cute Kpop shops and cafes with tons of amazing Korean food. They were literally playing Kpop songs in the street. They was so much merchandise. I had to resist buying so much! Just bought myself a BIGBANG hat and T-shirt.

We found a restaurant that had a special 'BIGBANG' seating area where you can go and eat whilst being surrounded by BIGBANG posters. It was impossible to resist! There were even BIGBANG cushions on the seats! The food was absolutely amazing too.
I was also amazed that they had some TV's in the restaurant and they were playing back to back BIGBANG live performances whilst we ate :D We also found another Korean cafe where we had milkshakes and they were playing BIGBANG and 2NE1 music videos from a large screen projector on the wall. It was awesome!

I was overwhelmed by everything! It was so amazing to be in a place literally full of all the things you like. Cafes playing Kpop are so rare in London. It was great to see it being loved and appreciated.                   Later we walked to Shinjuku and got some purikura. My first time using a real purikura booth in Japan! it was great! 
Ramen museum

Last Monday I travelled to Shin-Yokohama to the ramen museum. The museum is designed to look like Japan in 1958 when instant noodles were invented. There are many different small restaurants inside that sell different types/ flavors of ramen. You can try whichever kinds you like. I wish I could have tried all of them but it was impossible to fit it all in! 

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