Friday, 3 May 2013

Korean BBQ, Pokémon center, Akihabara and Alice in Wonderland cafe

I've been busy recently as it's golden week in Japan and I've had some time off to explore Tokyo :D
Therefore this whole post will be full of photos! You have been warned! haha

Golden week started after a tough Saturday of working for so many hours I lost count. However, because we had to work late my Head teacher who is awesome bought us all pizza :D

The vacation began with a day of catching up on sleep and washing. Then it really kicked off with an AMAZING Korean BBQ in Korea town with my other staff members. It was SO much fun and the food was incredible! Afterwards we went to Karaoke which was really fun as always!

Chillin' with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in Shinjuku and GDragon in Korea town.

I went to the Pokémon center (Tokyo branch) and my inner 9 year old was rejoicing. They had everything pokemon related, ranging from stuffed toys to cooking utensils. I bought a few things including CHARIZARD SOCKS.

I wandered around Akihabara and explored the various anime and idol shops that are there. The third Evangelion film has just come out so there were Evangelion themed things everywhere! 

I found a store with some Sailor Moon stuff but it cost more than my rent... so there was no way I could buy it! I did buy a few small things though including an Asuka figure and T-shirt, a stuffed Jiji from Kiki's delivery service.

Guess who was on the side of Akihabara station? :D Sailor Moon! I saw this and had a total 'fangirl moment'! The new anime starts this summer and they were advertising the new toy figure coming out soon. Here is my shelf with the new Asuka figure and Jiji on it, along with some other geeky things.

I went with a friend to the cutest cafe that has an Alice in Wonderland theme in Shinjuku. It was one of the best things I have done in Tokyo so far! The food was incredible and SO well presented! The cafe's decor was also amazing! The cafe was on the basement floor so it really was like falling down the rabbit hole and entering Wonderland! I had a beef dish in the shape of the Cheshire cat and a pudding that looked like a card soldier. Afterwards we went shopping in Harajuku finding all the lolita shops. I ended up buying some shoes but no lolita outfit... yet! 

Purikura in Harajuku :D



  1. The AiW cafe looks sooo nice! How do you get there? I just moved to Tokyo as well ^^